Monday, 19 Apr 2021
Month: April 2019

Three Steps to being Weather Wise

Summer temperatures are soaring. The heat gets oppressive to a point where the increase in the ceiling fan speed cannot bring relief and we turn to the air conditioner. The latter is a costly option with significant initial investment and leads to an inflated electricity bill. Is there an alternate solution? Can we approach the […]

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Seeing the Unseen

Imagine this. Millions of particles floating around in the air – all smaller than the size of human hair. Thousands of particles entering our nasal pathway as we take our breath 17,000 – 30,000 times each day. These particles floating around in our body, entering our lungs and into our bloodstream. Causing havoc with our […]

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The Dump Print

Human habitation leaves its mark on nature. Perhaps, nowhere is it more evident than in the garbage dumps that are springing up in all those places where there is no effective solid waste management system. Cities in India are reeling under the pressure of an increasing population and increasing garbage dumps. The history of the […]

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