Monday, 19 Apr 2021

About Us


What does it mean to live in sync with nature? To understand the delicate balance of the environment? How do you reconcile economic growth with preservation of environment? As cliched as it may sound, individuals, companies and countries have been battling this question for several years. While there are several concepts floating around - sustainable development, circular economy, reduce, reuse and recycle, the truth is clear; action on the ground is needed now more than ever, and the need will only grow with time.

Luckily, there is hope. Across the world, organizations taking the lead to grow in sync with the environment. To innovate and invest into new ways of doing business that addresses and brings focus on the world's most pressing problems. The dire situation is proving to a fertile ground for the germination of innovative solutions, and there are many passionate individuals who are taking the step to address the world’s most pressing problems.

The ecosystem is right. The time couldn’t be better. The need couldn’t be greater. Just as the kapok tree supports an entire ecosystem, this portal is designed to be a platform where thoughts germinate, ideas connect, philosophies are discussed, and concepts grow into designs. To grow towards the sun and away from the shadows. To create an ecosystem that will change the way we think.

This portal will showcase stories from India and across the world of people and organisations that are striving to make a difference, in the hope that it will inspire others to follow the lead. If you have a story to share, please send it to us. Let us inspire the world.


Why Kapokseed?

The name comes from the kapok tree in the Amazon rainforest. One of the tallest trees in the rainforest, the kapok tree is an ecosystem by itself. It allows the growth of plants, creepers, animals, bugs, birds and other forms of life on it's huge trunk and branches. We want to make the portal an ecosystem for the growth of new ideas to seed and germinate, an ecosystem where everybody is helping the other and a symbiotic relationship is created. Let us grow together and aim for the stars.

The kapok tree is widely spread around the world and occupies an important niche in the ecosystem of a rainforest. Emergent trees like the kapok rise above the canopy of the rainforest and provide a home for plants dependent on sunlight. Their branches provide a habitat for countless epiphytes, which provide food and shelter for many types or animals. They allow animals to move around the rainforest without coming down to the ground.“[1]


Who are we?

Meet the team behind Kapok Seed


Radhica Kanniganti

An environmental engineer and sustainability professional, Radhica has worked on environmental management and corporate responsibility spanning across water, solid waste and air. Her work life was spent in environmental stewardship organizations such as The Delta Institute (Chicago), TERI, and Arghyam, as well as regulatory organizations such as the Ohio EPA in Columbus, Ohio, and the U.S. EPA in Chicago. Her excitement for innovation in environmental sustainability combined with her passion for writing sets the backdrop for this website and motivates her to keep it going.  She is a fitness enthusiast and teaches kids Crossfit in her spare time.


Anjana Ghosh

An Electronics Engineer by profession, Anjana Ghosh is passionate about the environment. She has been actively involved with community initiatives in solid waste management in her places of residence and work. She believes citizens' participation is a strong enabler for evolving solutions and adoption of environment friendly practices within a society. Her love for writing and passion for exploring sustainable lifestyles are what motivates her to write on this website.


This is our personal website. Opinions, thoughts and experiences expressed on our website are our personal. These opinions, thoughts and experiences are expressed in good faith and for general information.


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