Tuesday, 26 Jan 2021
Author: kapokseed
Plastic bage form the most common retail bags

Beyond the Bag Challenge

Re-invent the Plastic Bag How do we re-invent the traditional carry-home bag? Leading retailers – Target, Walmart, CVS Health among others – have come together to throw out a global challenge to all innovators. Launched by the Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag and led by the NY-based investment firm, Closed Loop Partners, the Beyond […]

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Covid-19 & Our Earth

With Covid-19 forcing us to adopt alternate lifestyles and ways of doing business, is it not time for us to pause and think where exactly lies the balance: between need and luxury, between convenience and attempting change, between reducing travel and resuming social contact?

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Air pollution

The Writing in the Air

What if you had been told that every time you drive, you can generate ink? Seems fantastic, but here is a company that does exactly that. Born in the labs of MIT, Graviky Labs was set up in India in the year 2016 with the idea of turning air pollution into ink. Anirudh Sharma was […]

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Responsible Buying

Consumer packaged goods are items that are used everyday by average customers and that require routine replacement or replenishment.  Examples are food, beverages, household products. Today, consumer packaged goods are available in several convenient sizes and consumers do not think twice about discarding the packaging once the product is over. The world’s largest consumer good […]

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Trash Convertor – Managing Waste Innovatively

What do you get when you combine a city filled with unsegregated waste and a passionate 23-year old wanting to make a difference? An idea is born. A seed for invention. Trashing all cynicism around sustainable waste management, Nivedha R M and her team conceptualized and designed a waste management system that addresses today’s problems […]

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