Tuesday, 20 Apr 2021
Author: kapokseed

Trash Convertor – Managing Waste Innovatively

What do you get when you combine a city filled with unsegregated waste and a passionate 23-year old wanting to make a difference? An idea is born. A seed for invention. Trashing all cynicism around sustainable waste management, Nivedha R M and her team conceptualized and designed a waste management system that addresses today’s problems […]

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Plastic Plate

Plastic on My Plate

Plastic changed our world; a single material that transformed our lives bringing low cost convenience to everyone’s life. It triggered a large industry and almost redefined living and the culture of our times. Today, as we stare at the environmental impact of plastic, new findings are reiterating what we have known for a while. The […]

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Plastic Shoes

My Bottle in My Shoes

In our blog “ Let Ocean Plastic Fuel Your Next Run“, we wrote about the initiative by Adidas, to recycle discarded plastic bottles for its  “ocean plastic” trainers. In this article we bring you a story of the recycling technology behind such initiatives. As per the report published in “The Hindu”, June10, 2019, Sportswear giant […]

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Three steps to living Plastic – Free

Throwing a party at home? What’s the menu? No, more importantly, how do you serve? Ordering food online? What’s your pick? No, more importantly, how is it packaged? Packing lunch box? What’s for lunch? No, more importantly, what cutlery did you pack? Over the last few years, these are the questions that have been popping […]

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Food Delivery

The Footprint of your Food Order

What is the currently one of the fastest growing segment of the ecommerce business? Believe it or not, it is the food delivery business. Ten years ago, organized food delivery was commonly associated with the “dabbawalas” of Mumbai, whose organized network carried home-cooked meals to office-goers. Today, they face new competition in the form of […]

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Do we treat the Symptom or the Cause?

Recently, I came across a news article on an innovative face mask developed by students at the Manav Rachna international institute of Research at Faridabad, India. In keeping with this year’s theme for World Environment Day, #BeatAirPollution, this mask doubles up as a nebulizer to protect the user against air pollution. The product is designed to […]

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River of Antibiotics

What do The Thames, Danube and Mekong rivers have in common? They were all part of a research on antibiotics pollution of river water. All over the world, rivers are polluted with antibiotics that exceed the environmental safety thresholds by up to 300 times; as explained in the article, “World’s rivers loaded with antibiotics waste” […]

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The Queen of Upcycling!

Meet Bhavini Parikh. Single-handedly, with her venture, she is preventing thousands of kgs of fabric waste from reaching the landfills! This is not through recycling of the fabric or re-using in the manufacturing process. What Bhavini is doing is re-purposing the fabric to create her own fashion brand – Bunko Junko. Bunko Junko diverts the […]

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Painting the Air Clean

Based on the report ” Revolutionary paint offers solution to air pollution” published in The Hindu, April 22, 2019 : https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/energy-and-environment/revolutionary-paint-offers-solution-to-air-pollution/article26903323.ece What could chemistry and art have in common? As per the report published in “The Hindu”,22 April 2019, the two disciplines came together to paint a metro rail station along one of the busiest […]

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Plastic Bottles

Simplifying Plastic Waste Disposal

Plastic, as we know, is all-pervasive. If an object is not made of plastic, it is wrapped in plastic. Worldwide, we use around 5 trillion plastic bags a year and we purchase around 1 million plastic drinking bottles every minute. Since it’s inception about six decades ago, 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been […]

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