Tuesday, 20 Apr 2021
Author: kapokseed

Three Steps to being Weather Wise

Summer temperatures are soaring. The heat gets oppressive to a point where the increase in the ceiling fan speed cannot bring relief and we turn to the air conditioner. The latter is a costly option with significant initial investment and leads to an inflated electricity bill. Is there an alternate solution? Can we approach the […]

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Seeing the Unseen

Imagine this. Millions of particles floating around in the air – all smaller than the size of human hair. Thousands of particles entering our nasal pathway as we take our breath 17,000 – 30,000 times each day. These particles floating around in our body, entering our lungs and into our bloodstream. Causing havoc with our […]

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The Dump Print

Human habitation leaves its mark on nature. Perhaps, nowhere is it more evident than in the garbage dumps that are springing up in all those places where there is no effective solid waste management system. Cities in India are reeling under the pressure of an increasing population and increasing garbage dumps. The history of the […]

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Let Bangalore not go the Cape Town way

Bangalore, the once-upon-a-time sleepy city in south India was a paradise for pensioners. Home to more than 250 lakes in the 1960’s, today there are less than 20 healthy lakes in the heart of the city. Where once the lakes were a source of drinking water to the residents of water, today, water is pumped […]

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Three Steps on Water

The dry season is on. As temperatures soar one commodity becomes precious; the elixir of life, water. Urbanization has had its toll on the environment and one of its victims has been depletion of fresh water sources. As the explosion in population and the demand for water is peaking, receding ground water tables is a […]

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Using Used Cooking Oil

(From “The Hindu”, 23 Feb, 2019) Caterers and hotel kitchens often find themselves with large amount of used cooking oil that needs to be disposed off. The Dehradun based Indian Institute of Petroleum is experimenting with converting used cooking oil into bio aviation turbine fuel (Bio-ATF) which can be blended with conventional ATF and used […]

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Green Food Wrapper

(From “The Hindu”, 22 Feb 2019) Kesophane is a cellophane paper manufactured by Cygnet Industries Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of B.K. Birla Group company Kesoram Industries Ltd. It is made from natural wood, is non-toxic and biodegradable. It is this product that is being targeted as a substitute for existing food packaging options such as […]

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Let Ocean Plastic fuel your next run

Ever wondered what your running shoes are made of? Well, it’s time to pay attention because you could be doing your bit to save the oceans through your next pair from Adidas. According to edie.net, sportswear giant, Adidas, has doubled it’s production of ocean plastic trainers. Called Ultraboost Parley shoes, they are made from plastic […]

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Little Reason to Celebrate

Around a month ago, Delhi had torrential rains for 4 days continuously. It was all over the news that Delhi air had finally become breathable. With an air quality index (AQI) of 133, Delhi was rejoicing at being able to breathe “moderately polluted” air or air that is “unhealthy for sensitive groups”. These are the […]

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Sustainability is for fools!

We are living in a world of foolishness — a world of make-believe. Where we believe the wand of a fairy godmother can make things utopic without thinking what the stroke of midnight could do. Where everything is perfect in one’s own bubble and everything outside of it will automatically take care of itself. Much like the […]

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