Monday, 19 Apr 2021


As a kid, I went to school walking.  Plastic articles were novelties and the garbage that went out of the house was chiefly wet kitchen waste. Today, I go to office by car. And the garbage that leaves the house? 70% is paper and plastic. Tetrapacks were unheard of as we were growing up. Today we know that our juice tetra pack has 7 layers of material, each of which needs to be recycled separately to avoid dumping in the landfill. We had one telephone per five houses. Now we have 5 cell phones in one house. The world has changed. Convenience has grown. Options have opened up. Along with all that has changed for the better, development has left its carbon footprint. It is with a growing concern that we now look at modern life and hope to reverse the trend of damage to environment.

In this blog, we plan to capture our own thoughts and analysis of various trends and events related to environmental issues. It is a platform for voicing our concerns and bouncing our ideas for a constructive journey to sustainability. We hope it will provide a window for constructive discussions and meaningful dialogue.

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