Tuesday, 20 Apr 2021
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Covid-19 & Our Earth

With Covid-19 forcing us to adopt alternate lifestyles and ways of doing business, is it not time for us to pause and think where exactly lies the balance: between need and luxury, between convenience and attempting change, between reducing travel and resuming social contact?

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Rabindranath Tagore & Environment Conservation

The twenty first century has woken up to the impending danger of climate change. The focus on adoption of sustainable living practices is picking up pace. In this backdrop, it is important to remember some of the pioneers in the field of environment conservation. One such visionary was none other than the first Indian Nobel […]

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Seeing the Unseen

Imagine this. Millions of particles floating around in the air – all smaller than the size of human hair. Thousands of particles entering our nasal pathway as we take our breath 17,000 – 30,000 times each day. These particles floating around in our body, entering our lungs and into our bloodstream. Causing havoc with our […]

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Let Bangalore not go the Cape Town way

Bangalore, the once-upon-a-time sleepy city in south India was a paradise for pensioners. Home to more than 250 lakes in the 1960’s, today there are less than 20 healthy lakes in the heart of the city. Where once the lakes were a source of drinking water to the residents of water, today, water is pumped […]

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Little Reason to Celebrate

Around a month ago, Delhi had torrential rains for 4 days continuously. It was all over the news that Delhi air had finally become breathable. With an air quality index (AQI) of 133, Delhi was rejoicing at being able to breathe “moderately polluted” air or air that is “unhealthy for sensitive groups”. These are the […]

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Sustainability is for fools!

We are living in a world of foolishness — a world of make-believe. Where we believe the wand of a fairy godmother can make things utopic without thinking what the stroke of midnight could do. Where everything is perfect in one’s own bubble and everything outside of it will automatically take care of itself. Much like the […]

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Water use in the food industry

As the stage is set for an increase in the global consuming class, experts predict there will be a tremendous increase in consumer spending. The growth of the consumer sector is bound to put stress on key environmental parameters such as water. A glance at the food and drink industry reveals some disturbing numbers. According […]

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