Tuesday, 20 Apr 2021
Category: Feel Empowered

Three steps to living Plastic – Free

Throwing a party at home? What’s the menu? No, more importantly, how do you serve? Ordering food online? What’s your pick? No, more importantly, how is it packaged? Packing lunch box? What’s for lunch? No, more importantly, what cutlery did you pack? Over the last few years, these are the questions that have been popping […]

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Three Steps to being Weather Wise

Summer temperatures are soaring. The heat gets oppressive to a point where the increase in the ceiling fan speed cannot bring relief and we turn to the air conditioner. The latter is a costly option with significant initial investment and leads to an inflated electricity bill. Is there an alternate solution? Can we approach the […]

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Three Steps on Water

The dry season is on. As temperatures soar one commodity becomes precious; the elixir of life, water. Urbanization has had its toll on the environment and one of its victims has been depletion of fresh water sources. As the explosion in population and the demand for water is peaking, receding ground water tables is a […]

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Three steps this week

It is the end of the academic session and final exams are in the air. As exam preparations peak in my house so does the demand for stationery. The last remaining pages of the end-of-year notebooks get filled up with practice work, the pencils get shorter and gel pens get over at an astounding rate. […]

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