Tuesday, 20 Apr 2021
Category: Innovations
Air pollution

The Writing in the Air

What if you had been told that every time you drive, you can generate ink? Seems fantastic, but here is a company that does exactly that. Born in the labs of MIT, Graviky Labs was set up in India in the year 2016 with the idea of turning air pollution into ink. Anirudh Sharma was […]

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Trash Convertor – Managing Waste Innovatively

What do you get when you combine a city filled with unsegregated waste and a passionate 23-year old wanting to make a difference? An idea is born. A seed for invention. Trashing all cynicism around sustainable waste management, Nivedha R M and her team conceptualized and designed a waste management system that addresses today’s problems […]

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The Queen of Upcycling!

Meet Bhavini Parikh. Single-handedly, with her venture, she is preventing thousands of kgs of fabric waste from reaching the landfills! This is not through recycling of the fabric or re-using in the manufacturing process. What Bhavini is doing is re-purposing the fabric to create her own fashion brand – Bunko Junko. Bunko Junko diverts the […]

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Plastic Bottles

Simplifying Plastic Waste Disposal

Plastic, as we know, is all-pervasive. If an object is not made of plastic, it is wrapped in plastic. Worldwide, we use around 5 trillion plastic bags a year and we purchase around 1 million plastic drinking bottles every minute. Since it’s inception about six decades ago, 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been […]

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Using Used Cooking Oil

(From “The Hindu”, 23 Feb, 2019) Caterers and hotel kitchens often find themselves with large amount of used cooking oil that needs to be disposed off. The Dehradun based Indian Institute of Petroleum is experimenting with converting used cooking oil into bio aviation turbine fuel (Bio-ATF) which can be blended with conventional ATF and used […]

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Green Food Wrapper

(From “The Hindu”, 22 Feb 2019) Kesophane is a cellophane paper manufactured by Cygnet Industries Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of B.K. Birla Group company Kesoram Industries Ltd. It is made from natural wood, is non-toxic and biodegradable. It is this product that is being targeted as a substitute for existing food packaging options such as […]

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