Tuesday, 20 Apr 2021

Feel Empowered

How often have we looked in disgust at the garbage dump piling up at the street corner every morning? How helpless did we feel mixing different types of garbage because our municipality did not collect segregated waste? How disappointed did we get when a fresh morning arrived with an air filled with smoke from the factory? Often, when such moments come, there is a depressing feeling of helplessness that fills our mind. Sometimes, we allow the helplessness to overwhelm us. But then there are those moments when we sit up and ask, can we do something about this? Every problem has a solution and often the solution starts with us.

“Feel Empowered” is a section where we talk about steps that we, ourselves, can take to help the cause for environment. These are based on practices that are followed by many people at individual level and by organizations at the community level. In India and across the world. We have tried our best to capture our thoughts and stories of such activities. It is our effort to acknowledge such work and spread the word.

“Three Steps” are all you need to make your lifestyle sustainable!

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