Monday, 19 Apr 2021


Sometimes, all it takes is an idea. A commitment to solve that one problem.

The turn of the millennium has been a gamechanger in many ways. As science and technology makes rapid progress in enriching lives and bringing the world (and the Universe?) closer, social barriers get broken, the political landscape goes through turmoil, a silent malady has been creeping almost unnoticed in a way that it has finally landed in everybody’s drawing room and started sounding the alarm bells : the undeniable fact of our carbon footprint and its impact on the environment, global warming and climate change.

From aiming for improving comfort and convenience, the focus is slowly turning towards designing and establishing systems and infrastructures that enable sustainable living; a lifestyle that has the least impact on natural resources that the planet can ill afford to waste or pollute. In this age of contrasts, when the impact on environment is picking up speed at unprecedented rates, research and innovation for sustainable solutions are catching up fast as well.

This section highlights the innovations taking place in the field of environment in an effort to showcase the great work being done by researchers across the world as well as to connect the dots!

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