Tuesday, 20 Apr 2021


Did you know leaf plates, wooden spoons and paper straws are eco-friendly options for your party compared to paper plates, plastic spoons and straws? Did you realize avoiding a plastic mineral water bottle in the meeting room is a plastic bottle less at the bottom of the ocean? And that if it did end up in an ocean, there are organizations out there fishing it out and re-using it? Did you know that in some corner of the world, there is an organization that is working on an environment-friendly sanitary napkin? These and many other encouraging news often go unnoticed. Increasing awareness is one way of driving consumer behaviour and influencing the industry and policymakers.

In this section, we bring to you news from around the world. It is our effort to connect the dots between a producer of eco-friendly products and prospective consumers, to spread stories of positive action to ignite the spark in you, to deliver a message of hope that there are people and organizations committed to making a difference. These are those stories..

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